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Yoga for Inner Peace and for a Cure?

Yoga offers a wide range of styles and practices to promote a healthy body and mind. It’s practice varies from gentle to vigorous movements through poses while focusing on your breath and body awareness. Regardless of the style that you enjoy, and there are many – at least 17 that I know of, you benefit not only from increasing your body awareness, alignment, strength and flexibility but it’s practice forces you to be in the moment by monitoring your breathing and movements.

In the fast paced digital age we all live in, where every second can be spent looking at a screen of one type or another, it’s refreshing to unplug and just be. Moving and treasuring your body – your greatest possession and gift from your maker – should be practiced by the old and young alike.

The meditative practice of Yoga Nidra for example, focuses on reaching deep levels of relaxation while remaining fully aware (and awake). It aims to reach a state of consciousness between being awake and asleep. Of course this yoga discipline focuses on the breath, as they all do but it goes deeper into balancing your emotional state and self-healing by using visualization and meditation. This form has been effective in helping soldiers cope with PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder).

Can such meditation cure what ails ya? I don’t know but I do know that there are much worse things than learning to be still, calm and focusing on self love and healing. Why not try it for yourself?

2 Responses to “Yoga for Inner Peace and for a Cure?

  • Eliane Lima
    6 years ago

    I practiced yoga when I was a teenager but for just a couple of months.

    At that time, I thought it was too boring. Little did I know that it would’ve been a great way of improving my self-awareness and bring me inner peace.

    Nowadays I know yoga is a true means of mindfulness. Ironically, now I don’t have the time to practice it anymore. But I sure hope that things will change soon enough in this respect.

    • Patricia Sullivan
      6 years ago

      Thank you for your comments Eliane. I agree it is hard to find time for ourselves but when life is that busy we definitely need to make time for our health and sanity! Find the time if only 10 minutes to take care  of you!

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