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not just fitness it’s a lifestyle Be Strong Always Get In Shape With Exercise FEEL The Desire
not just fitness it’s a lifestyle
Why Hold Yourself Back ....
Be Strong Always
This Is The Beginning Of Your Journey....
Get In Shape With Exercise
Imagine The Way You Will Feel....
FEEL The Desire
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All Bodies Fitness offers: Personal Training; Accountability / Success Coaching; Nutritional Consulting; Meditation / Mindfulness Training; Life Coaching; and an online membership with a library of workouts ranging from beginner to advanced levels for “all bodies” that want to do something anytime, anywhere. for their health and fitness.

Personal Training: Online, in home and in office training available for individuals, couples and groups. Since 2020’s mass shutdowns we have become quite the experts at remote / online personal training and have expanded our reach to service clients with live, one-on-one personal training throughout the US. It’s safe, effective and a real time saver as most of our clients, who love to workout in the privacy and comfort of their homes without having to have anyone physically there with them.

Nutritional Counseling: Need to lose weight for your health and/or personal goals? Let us design a program that works for you! We will combine nutritional education and counseling to recommend a strategy that will have real and lasting results. Plus we will hold you accountable to keep you on your course with workouts & healthy eating. 

Online Membership: With a library of hundreds of video and new uploads of exercise videos and weekly live coaching sessions, you will never be bored or lack something to do and you’ll always be inspired to stay on course with your fitness goals. Since everyone is busy, our philosophy is to keep it simple.  We make exercise doable with 15 minute highly effective workouts that can be added to your daily routine once, twice, three times a day – whatever you want. Let’s make fitness a habit rather than a wish. 

As we have heard our clients say,  “with the workouts being only 15 minutes, I have more of a reason to do it than an excuse not to”

Accountability / Success Coaching: Our trainers  love fitness and they love helping people. We all need a coach sometimes to inspire us, remind us of our goal, share insights and hold us accountable.  Our expert trainers will help you assess your fitness level, chart out goals and develop a road map to help you reach them.

Custom Designed Services: Need more help? We offer coaching one-on-one, program design and more. 

Ready to join us? Call or text us for a free consultation session today, 301-370-0500.