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About Us

About Us

ALL Bodies Fitness believes that “all bodies” should be fit and achieve their goals and we want to help. We want to help everyone be able to move pain-free and perform the functions that they need to for their lifestyle. “It’s all about being fit for your lifestyle so that you can feel better, move better, play on the floor like one of the kids and feel good about ourselves,” says Patricia, Co-Founder and President of All Bodies Fitness.

Our online membership site helps busy people work out in snackable or chunkable blocks of 15 minutes so that they can add an effective workout in before work, at lunchtime, after work, etc. We have short 5-14 minute workouts and even yes some 30 minute workouts as well for the days that we have more or less time to exercise. We strive to make ‘all bodies’ enjoy exercise and develop a healthy habit of fitness.    

Some of our clients want to lose weight, others what to gain muscle and bulk up, some are working on health challenges like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, torn tendons, Type II Diabetes, IBS, arthritis, you name it – we have seen in all (well almost) in the 12+ years experience our trainers have under their belts.

Tell us your challenges, we will understand and discreetly work with you on a plan to make a big difference in your life. You can do it!

We aim to motivate, educate and inspire all bodies to live a healthier life through exercise and diet. We attempt to provide challenging and corrective exercises to people in all walks of life, and regardless of the barriers to fitness that they face.  We hope to share and cultivate our love of exercise and low-fat, nutrient dense diets to achieve optimum health for the body and mind. We work with our clients to achieve an ideal body composition, flexibility, range of motion, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and muscle endurance. Join us today!