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My fellow Star Wars fans will know that “May The 4th Be With You” (say it like, “May the force be with you”) makes May 4th a special day in our hearts where we think of our Jedi and Rebel friends fighting for freedom, justice and let’s face it, a great body and strong mind. Who trained harder than Luke Skywalker, running through the woods of Dagobah with Master Yoda squeaking out commands in the ultimate swamp bootcamp (that is episode V in case you are wondering)? It always inspires me to work out hard and get my mind in a good meditation practice when I think of that sequence of the Star Wars Saga.

Be inspired, be strong and don’t try – only do, as Master Yoda instructs young Luke. Find your inner Jedi and flow through your workout and meditation with the knowledge that it is your destiny to be great.

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