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Rotator Cuff Exercises – Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Shoulders? By Patricia

As a trainer I have seen quite a few people come to me with shoulder injuries. Things happen and muscles tear but often-times injuries are caused by muscle imbalances and areas neglected because the exercises involved aren’t popular, ‘sexy’ or likely to produce aesthetically pleasing results. As an example, everyone works their abdominal muscles trying to get a six pack or washboard abs but how many people properly train their rotator cuff muscles?

If you leave your rotator cuff muscles weak and work hard on building nice shoulders, you are asking for an injury overtime. Therefore, don’t neglect your health and work your external rotation exercises in regularly to maintain a healthy body! See my YouTube video for one example of an external rotation exercise. Thank you and good health to you!

2 Responses to “Rotator Cuff Exercises – Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Shoulders? By Patricia

  • Richard U
    7 years ago

    To be honest this is the first time i am hearing about rotator cuffs exercise for shoulders. I guess there is a first time for every thing.

    After watching the video, i became well informed. I didn’t know that if you do not work out totally including working out the rotator cuff, you will be building up injury for yourself much later

    Thanks for the well educated information within health fitness first as i shall be incorporating this lesson in my future workouts..

    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 years ago

      Hi Richard, thank you for your comments. I am very glad that my blog & vid were helpful. It is true that a lot of injuries are from repeated stressor and muscle imbalances. We have to pay attention to all the muscles. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos and exercise & nutrition tips. Thanks!

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