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Want Real Change? Write Your Goals Daily

Many of us are super busy and fitting in exercise and a healthy diet is a challenge. Being a mom, a divorcee and a having a career is a challenge for me as well. If there is one thing I live by is my calendar and if an activity isn’t written there, it’s unlikely to get done. Therefore, I make it a priority to schedule in at least three workout sessions a week.

Many people hire a trainer to inspire, educate and motivate them. They make a good decision to incorporate more exercise into their lives. Having made that decision, they commit to one, two or three sessions a week with their trainer. Then life happens and before they know it, they are missing appointments, skipping workouts, and putting their trainer and their commitment to themselves on hold. I have seen this many times through the years in my career and in my fellow trainer’s careers.

How can someone so initially enthusiastic turn a 180 on their commitment to their health? One answer might be that they over extended themselves and found their other activities and commitments  were suffering because of this new commitment. We are all short-sided sometimes and have failed to realize the time commitment necessary to make something work. Many of us also try starting a new activity and then lose enthusiasm and find it easier to go back to our old ways.

It comes down to real priorities and a having a strong enough reason to want  to change. If we cannot find a strong enough reason to keep doing something, especially something that isn’t easy and that takes time, then we will surely stop. Many people say that they want to change but then along the way decide that they don’t really want it badly enough to make a change.

One way to avoid this happening to you is to write down your goals and then keep writing them down. I tell my clients that they need to reaffirm and restate their goals daily to keep them on track. It’s simple enough to get a notebook and dedicate five minutes in the morning to writing your goals every day. Then you will stay focused, stay committed and keep doing what it takes to get it done. This will be a daily brainwashing on why we need to stay the course and keep going when we don’t feel like it or don’t think that we have time.

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