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It Takes More Than A Decision – It Takes Action by Patricia

It’s true that actions speak louder than words. When it comes to making a commitment to start, re-start or step up your fitness activities, it is so true. I have found that there are many people that make a decision to start working out – they visit a gym and/or talk to a personal trainer about getting started. They are so excited about the idea and say they can’t wait to get started but they find some reason to delay the action of getting started – like they don’t have the account information for billing with them or they need to bring their significant other back with them to commit – and then what do you think happens to that seemingly ‘all in’, ready to commit person?

Yup, they drop of the face of the earth. They don’t take your follow-up calls, they never respond to your emails, they completely seem to have lost interest in the whole idea. Often times you may see them come back weeks, months, maybe years later, starting the process all over again. Why does this happen? Why do so many have so many false starts?

I think its a failure to take action. Ideas are great but without action ideas, goals and wishes are just that – wishes. Action will cement the idea. Action will make it real. That is why it’s so vital that once you make a decision, you must follow it up with action. Do it right then. Take your time deciding, research and check references if you please but then once you decide, take action! Cement your commitment, make it real!

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