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Most of my clients want to lose weight. Actually, most people I know want to lose weight. Exercise does help of course, and has many other benefits to your health but diet is still a key component to what your scale will say. One easy step to help you lose weight is to increase your fiber consumption. Simply put, eat your fruit and veggies and legumes (think peas, lentils and beans of all types).

Fruit and veggies are loaded with health producing phytonutrients which act as antioxidants for your body and they are loaded with fiber. Fiber helps you feel full as it takes up more room in your stomach so you will eat less of fatty foods. And fiber helps reduce your blood pressure, inflammation, and helps control your blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well. It also keeps your digestive system running well so you won’t need laxatives to help you have easy bowel movements. Many believe that good health originates in your gut.

The only caution I would advise is that start increasing your intake of fiber-rich foods slowly otherwise you may experience gas pain, bloating, and noxious gas flumes but then there are productions to help with that as well.



  • Santiago
    7 years ago


    This is very helpful, most people want to lose weight, but the problem is that they think that they have to excercise til dead and eat little or nothing.

    But things like this, prove that what they actually need is a diet rich in fiber and a healthy lifestyle

    Thank you


    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 years ago

      Hi Santiago, thank you for your comment. Yes, it is true that it’s not so much quantity but quality of both exercise and diet. I have never heard anyone say something like, “I ate so many strawberries last night that I gained 5 lbs” but I sure have heard that about chocolate cake.

      And we should all exercise smartly, not ’til dead’ like you said. Why would we want to do that to ourselves several times a week?

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