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Are you trying to lose weight or gain muscle?

It’s somewhat of a gender bias that I have seen in the fitness world that women mostly want to lose weight and men more often will be thinking about getting bigger arms, chest, shoulders, etc. It comes down to more than what the number on the scale tells us about our weight. We sometimes forget that a factor of our health is our body composition, the percentage of lean body mass versus fat mass that is in our bodies.

We want more lean body mass, meaning muscle and less fat. We all know that fat is unsightly but it is also the stuff that clogs up our arteries and causes major problems like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes – just to name a few. So how do we get more muscle? Workout in a way that exhausts the muscle that you are working on, get to that muscle ‘burn’ feeling and your body will naturally build more muscle, replacing that excess fat. That assumes that we feed the body healthy nutrition and rest properly as well.

It’s important to learn the proper way to build muscle while avoiding injury so it is always my advice to get a personal trainer to design a program that progresses you from where you are to your more desirable state. You can hire them to work you out regularly or hire them once a month or so to set a program design that you can follow on your own. The program design option keeps a lot of folks on track since they are checking in with their trainer monthly and it is much more affordable for many. Why not invest in your health now?

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  • Hi Patricia. I truly agree with the workout till you feel burned thing. I’ve recently increase my reps for my weight training to a minimum of 15 and I swear that this really burned my muscles. But the best part is I’m becoming bigger than I’ve ever been in my 4 years of actively going to gym. The hypertrophy effect with high reps really is great.

    On the losing fast part, I believe we shouldn’t over think about that. As long as we are doing active exercise in the gym or the park our or anywhere, we should burn of some fat, as long as our calorie intake remain the same.

    That being said, I like to mix up weight training with some cardio. I feel better with both, not to mention I can also increase my cardiovascular ability.

    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 years ago

      Hi Isaac, Thank you for your comments. Yes, learning to love the burn is what we all need to do to build muscle! Mixing up training with cardio is important, as we have to be concerned about our cardiovascular fitness as well as our muscle mass and muscle strength & endurance. These are all aspects of our fitness. Flexibility is another component to our fitness so don’t forget to stretch. Check out my YouTube videos for exercise and stretching demos. Thanks!

  • Marley Dawkins
    7 years ago

    Fascinating, yeah Body composition is definitely something that many people forget when they are training, and its a huge factor when determining how lean, or muscular a person can get and how fast you can develop that.

    I see it in my gym all the time, its a general misconception people have where they think that everyone can get the same look with the same amount of work, when in reality we all develop at different paces and need to make sure we are fuelling our bodies accordingly..

    But like you say getting a personal trainer, or a great training partner in the gym, is where people need to start with getting in shape, and the pieces of the puzzle will all start coming together much more and teh results will be clear.

    Thanks for all the great work your doing!

    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 years ago

      Dear Marley, Thank you for your post! I am glad that you understand that everyone is different and we all have to work with out individual strengths and weaknesses, that is why a good trainer can help so much because they are trained to assess each person and develop a plan that suites that particular person and their goals. Of course many people make great gains by having a personal commitment and researching then doing it for themselves. There is always more than one path to a destination. Keep strong on your path! Feel free to let keep in touch and check out my YouTube channel that has exercises and stretches to provide education and inspiration in under a minute!

  • Merrell
    7 years ago

    Hi Patricia,

    Absolutely agree about your point with feeding the body well with the right nutrition and making sure we get adequate rest upon working out.
    Having a well designed exercise plan is absolutely crucial as well and I couldn’t agree more with what you had mentioned.
    With regards to body composition and different weight loss plans, do you break it down into folks that are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorphs?

    Many thanks,

  • Patricia Sullivan
    7 years ago

    Hi Merrell, Thanks for your comments and question. That is where goal setting comes into play. For example, if someone is an Ectomorph they can eat anything they want and have trouble gaining weight so they usually have a goal of gaining muscle mass. That means less cardio and heavier weights. Endomorphs are the opposite and mesomorphs are middle of the road so they can gain muscle easier and their bodies tend to respond more quickly to diet and exercise regimes. That being said, every human is unique and we all have to see what works for us. I find that aspect fun and challenging.

  • Jeremy Hood
    7 years ago

    This is great advice. I recently started working out again after having to sit around for a couple months when healing from an ACL replacement.

    The scale has not moved much but my body fat has dropped almost 4% which I am very pleased. However, had I not been measuring that I could have easily become demotivated.

    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 years ago

      Hi Jeremy, thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, replacing fat mass with lean muscle is a great achievement! Good work and I am glad that your healing well! Keep moving forward!

  • Hi there,
    I looking to loose some weight and to shape my body, probably, like everyone else…
    What you say here totally makes sense. Do you design only a workout program or the diet plan as well?
    What does the program include?

    Can you design a program for a long-term health routine?

    • Patricia Sullivan
      7 years ago

      Hi Soby, Yes, many share your goals and ALL Bodies Fitness can help! We design workout programs and diet plans for those who want assistance. We share a basic diet plan, calorie target and healthy recipes to help you stay on target. We believe that a healthy diet should be a life long goal, not a fad. Feel free to call or email us!

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