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How many times a week should I run? by Patricia

This is a question I have heard from more than one client and the answer, like most questions is “it depends”. It depends on things like – Why are you running? Are you training for an event or is it for the joy of running (Yes, believe it or not some people, like myself really feel a particular kind of euphoria from running)? Does it hurt your knees, feet, joints or does your body feel winded but good? I always tell my clients that one goal in life should be to know your own body and believe it or not, I see a lot of adults come to me that really don’t get the signals their body’s send them.

One big hint your body gives you is what kind of pain or discomfort do you feel during and after the run? Often times getting a good pair of running shoes will solve a lot of discomfort. A runner’s store will assess your form and recommend neutral or stabilizing shoes like Brooks, ASICS, Saucony and New Balance – all popular choices. It does pay to invest in quality footwear. Another problem might be shin splints which can often be helped by shortening your stride length.

So if you invest in quality footwear and you feel no pain then that’s great news. Now you just need to decide what your goal is for running and come up with a sensible plan to achieve it. Generally 3-4 runs a week is plenty, especially if you are doing any type of mileage build-up. Your body needs time to recover.  There are  lots of programs that will help you sensibly add distance and/or time to your runs – or hey a trainer can help with that too! Just ask us.

2 Responses to “How many times a week should I run? by Patricia

  • Kathy J.
    7 years ago

    Patricia is a great workout instructor but her knowledge of the human body really impressed me. I pulled a muscle and with one quick call to her, she knew what muscle and give me a stretch to take the pain away amazing.
    Kathy J.

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